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Now when I got this sent to me on Facebook, it was from one of my shorter friends. And being as the email was titled "I could make a killing" - I knew it had to be good. But this is better...it's fantastic!

Here in the States, we hire dwarfs (Editor's Note: "Little People) to portray baby clowns and to run on bars to pour shots down drunk people's throats. And yes, Wee-Man was on TV and starred in 3 Jackass movies. And I still laugh hysterically when I see him kick himself in the head. Even Ricky Gervais got in on the midget act with his new show starring Warwick Davis on HBO called Life's Too Short about the "life of a showbiz dwarf".

But in South Africa it's different. There they are hiring them as hit men. This guy is so mad at his ex-girlfriend that he tries to hire a midget to attack her. Here's what the classified ad said:

I was recently dumped and require the services of a midget to go and kick my ex-girlfriend in the shins whilst she is at work."

When interviewed about the ad, the poster said this: "I clearly took it out because I want my ex-girlfriend to be kicked in the shins. Midget revenge is the only form of revenge that works these days." Apparently things are so bad in South Africa that the only revenge they know is midget revenge. Have a laugh, and make sure you don't date this guy ladies...unless you own a set of goalie pads.

[Source - News24.com]

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