Woman Tattoo's Boyfriend On Arm After One Week

I about died laughing reading Kristin's article about the crazy girl who texted the guy she went on one date with. I couldn't help but feel better about all the crazy women I have dated. And also how many Mondays at work have turned into a laugh fest, at my expense, over how horribly wrong a first date I had that weekend went. Trust me, there have been many of those Mondays.

So I found this article which proves that Facebook is not a good place to post info when you are crazy. Also, it's another shining example of why any of my future tattoos will never have someones name or face that I'm dating.

This girl got a tattoo of her boyfriend of one week, and then posted it on Facebook for him to see. What followed is hilarious. Check out the picture below to see a sample and click on the link for the complete thread.


Link - The Chive

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