Woman Catches On Fire Trying To Twerk - 6 Things To Know

Girl Catches On Fire Trying To Twerk

Twerking is probably going to cause a few deaths before this whole fad is over. It's already caught the girl you're about to see in this video on fire. Although, here are six caveats before you watch the video:

  1. Twerking is stupid.
  2. Taking videos of yourself twerking is just as stupid.
  3. Alcohol on a table with fire is a bad combination.
  4. If you have no rhythm, you shouldn't attempt any stunts within 15 feet of an open flame.
  5. If you have attempt a stunt like this, lock your door.
  6. Finally, the phrase is "Stop, drop, and roll", not "Stop and look at yourself on fire."

Actually, I guess what we've learned is that twerking doesn't light people on fire, stupid people light themselves on fire.

WWE should get on the ball and sign this girl to a contract, we're pretty sure a lot of people would pay a lot of cash to see her go through a flaming table at the next Wrestlemania.

Oh, and the seventh thing to know? This video is probably fake. It looks a little too contrived doesn't it? Either way, it shows how silly twerking is.

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Written By Pat


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