Ask An Asian: Suped Up Cars

Ask An Asian: Suped Up Cars

awalton02 writes...


You guys always got suped up cars and are always drifting and stuff. You drive slow?

Dear 'awalton02'

I apologize if I'm wrong, but from reading your question I'm not quite sold that the '02' in your email is your high school or college graduation year...

To put it short and sweet - some Asians are bad drivers, some Asians are good drivers, and Asian women can be dangerously indecisive behind the wheel. It's the truth.

Getting back to your actual question, I'd say you're spot on because I actually was drifting and driving slow about 2 weeks ago...right after my timing belt snapped. Once the engine shut down, I had no choice but to slowly 'drift' off of the interstate onto the shoulder. A tow truck ride and $541 later, I was back on the road with a new 'suped up' timing belt and water pump.

My car is older than you,

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