Ask An Asian: Rappers

Ask An Asian: Rappers

What do you think about this video? (for Ask an Asian)

-Tony Quat


First things first...if you happen to be one of the future rap stars in the all means reach for the stars. However, if you had absolutely no part in the production of this amateur video and only referenced it to belittle the young men involved, then I would concur...these kids can't rap.

Like many diversions and skill sets in life, rapping is by no means exclusive to one location or group of people. Whether Black, Yellow, Red, Brown, or White, people of all shapes and sizes rap. The difference is that some do it better than others. While there are some highly skilled Asian rappers (Jin, Far East Movement to name a few), our numbers are few and far between. Unlike piano recitals, spelling bees, running fortune 500 companies, and Olympic archery, rapping just might not be our thing.

Which brings me to an important point that our young aspiring hip hop artists can teach us all - like the blue eyed white women who serves you kung pao chicken at P.F. Chang's, or a New York cab driver who speaks fluent English without one hint of a foreign accent, people need to realize when they've stepped a little too far out of bounds. After all, some things in life are best left to the experts.

Thanks for your question Tony Quat,


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