Ask An Asian: A Reader Response


Awhile back, an Asian-American professional got really upset at 'Ask an Asian.' So much so, that she took the time to email Ray and complain. Below is an excerpt from her email to the site...

I came across your site recently and I was appalled to find your "Ask an Asian" section. Not only does it place a stigma around an entire race of people, but it has nothing to do with the overall message of your site, which I believe is to create a place for men to discuss relevant issues. In short, implying that males have so many questions about Asian-Americans that you need to designate an Asian to answer these questions is just not a good message to send. Never, ever mystify a race of people...

First off, as an Asian-American man I'd like to apologize for her confusion regarding why a male-interest website would need an 'Ask an Asian' section. For too long, Asian men have been typecast on television comedies as awkward, nerdy, nonathletic kids who watch anime and are scared to talk to girls. Now while I demonstrated a handful of those traits back in my younger years, by no way are those stereotypes reflective of a whole race of people. Some Asians are jocks; some Asians are nerds; some Asians are smart; a few not so smart.  We come in all shapes and sizes with all kinds of interests, dreams, and aspirations. After all, there are about 3 billion of us Asians in the world today.  Though we Asians are many, there's one thing that binds us all together: We're all Asians.

When you, my fellow brothers from every nation and corner of the globe submit a question to 'Ask an Asian,' you're doing just that: asking an honest question to an honest Asian. Nothing more; nothing less. I'll always be Asian just like you'll always be the race or ethnicity that you were created to be. We can't change it and it sure doesn't help to try to erase it. The best any of us can do is embrace our race, and learn to embrace the unique attributes of different races and cultures. If you're White, Black, Asian, or Latino--embrace it. It's a gift that we've each been given. We can use it to build bridges and reconcile people together, or we can use it to divide and tear apart. Hopefully we wont squander this gift.

My guess is that you probably don't see my obscure and increasingly infrequent 'Ask an Asian' columns as appalling and divisive. If you do, it's probably because you are French, and I assure you that my occasional jabs are all made in honor of one of my all-time favorite historical figures: Napoleon, who like me, was a short man with big plans and aspirations... Getting back to the point, If you want 'Ask an Asian' to go away, just stop asking questions, and that will be that. Can't say I'll take it personal. Now if you want to keep hope alive, continue sending semi-coherent statements and I'll try to answer them as if you sent me a real question.

I'm pulling for you,

Arthur Rhee

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