Ask An Asian: Jackie Chan And Bruce Lee

Ask An Asian: Jackie Chan And Bruce Lee

Quayum The Man writes:

What's up brother? Love the articles. Can you tell me what you think about all of the Asians that wreck shop in movies like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee?

Thanks Arthur!

Dear Quayum The Man,

Every Asian kid who's grown up in the last thirty years has probably been called or compared to Jackie Chan a few thousand times. For older Asians, I'm sure the same could be said about Bruce Lee. The reality here is that the brains of most non-Asians can only remember the names of 2 or 3 Asians...Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and for a few short years, Yao Ming. And now, add NBA superstar Jeremy Lin to that list. Linsanity...that makes four.

Now for all the rest of you, if your race was reduced to only 2 or 3 people, who would you want representing your team? Would Mark Zuckerberg and Daniel Radcliffe start on the White team? Would Oprah and Lebron suit it up for the Black team? Would Barack Obama have to split time between the Black and White teams? Could Tiger Woods come off the bench as a reserve for the Asians? Back in my younger years, when kids would compare me to Jackie Chan, I would tell them that they looked just like David Schwimmer. I mean, he was white after all, just like them?

As an Asian, my team's pretty set. I'll take Bruce, Jackie, and the Lin Dynasty. Who's on yours?


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