Ask An Asian: Favorite Sports And Asians In Football

Ask An Asian: Favorite Sports And Asians In Football

Hello Arthur,

What is your favorite sport and why? Why aren't there more Asians playing football.

Yours sincerely,


Dear D,

As a former distance runner back in the day, my all-time favorite sport is cross country. Running is the most grueling, difficult, and purest sport known to mankind. Each week, hundreds of people from all corners of the world are hurt while running. Some are being chased by dangerous animals, others are attempting to do it recreationally. No referees, no cheerleaders, no overbearing parents; what parent in their right mind wants to watch their child grimace in pain while struggling to breath for 3 miles? Quite simply, running separates the men from the boys. When I ran, there were only two rules; 1) anything goes when you're on the parts of the course that no one can see...and 2) never lose to a girl.

Now on to part two....

Your question regarding why there are not more Asians in football first requires some clarification. If by football you mean the most popular sport in the world, I would say you're wrong. Check out the top leagues in Europe and you'll find plenty of Asians playing the world's most popular sport. Now if by football, you mean the brand played in the land of the screaming eagle, the Good ol' US of A, you my friend have a provocative, thought provoking question...

To be fair, there's been a few Asians in the NFL (Dat Nguyen, Timmy Chang, Eugene Chung, Hines Ward, Will Demps, Ed Wang). Some of them are half-Asian. Most of their careers aren't all that spectacular. Overall, Asians excel more at endurance and precision sports than strength, power, and speed sports. We produce world championship baseball and cricket teams, top flight golfers, and gold medal winning divers, marathon runners and speed skaters. In most cases, we don't produce the type of athletes that have the combination of speed, strength, and power required to make it in the NFL. Nonetheless, considering that my own alma mater in the mountains of Virginia has produced two Asian-American NFL Draft picks over the past 20 years, us Asians can still one-up the Finns when it comes to gridiron prowess.


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