Ask An Asian: Computer Questions

Ask An Asian: Computer Questions

How many times a day do you get asked computer questions?

Chad Braun

Computers and Asians...Basketball and African Americans...NASCAR and White people...

There's always room on the racial and ethnic stereotype bandwagon!

To answer your question truthfully, people stop asking me about computers the moment they realize they know more about computers than I do. I'm sure somewhere deep inside of them, everything they thought they knew about the world was just destroyed, but it was bound to happen eventually, like the day I turned down a roster spot on my middle school's chess team because I had never played chess before, or my weekly insistence on receiving the English language bulletin at my church down south because after all, it's the only language I can read.

Thanks for the question Chad Braun.  If you ever want me to fix your computer, just cook me up a good schnitzel and we'll call it even.


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