Guy's Rant: Words That Guys Should Never Say

Words That Guys Should Never Say

In honor of one of the first ever Bro Council members, Timothy Edwards, I present to you a list. This is a list of words that guys should never say. Ever. Some may seem innocent, some may seem like they could be acceptable under the right circumstances, and some may seem downright silly.

All of them have one thing in common - if you're a Bro Council member, these words should never come out of your mouth.

Let's hold each other accountable on this. If you see a friend saying the things on this list, mock them. If you see someone on Twitter using these words, unfollow them. And if your child is using them, you should probably take him fishing and explain some things to him.

  1. Tweet
  2. Tummy
  3. Veggie
  4. Nippy
  5. Pee
  6. Hoodie
  7. Belly button
  8. Scrunchy
  9. Bye-bye
  10. Panties
  11. Anything in baby talk
  12. Jammies
  13. Lovely
  14. Poodle
  15. Ouchy
  16. Mixed bag
  17. Yell-o (as in "Hello)
  18. Tinkle
  19. Kitty
  20. Sparkly
  21. Mommy
  22. Duckie
  23. Pookie
  24. Tipsy
  25. Tooted
  26. Tippy toed
  27. Let me repeat, no baby talk. Ever.

That's the list for now. We will continue to add more as we see fit, and you can send us some of your suggestions here.

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Written By Ray


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