A Guy's Perspective: New Music To Listen To On A Date

A Guy's Perspective: New Music To Listen To On A Date

Recently, I posted a question on my Facebook page asking friends what new music I should check out. I got 19 responses, and ended up downloading 24 new albums. After listening, there was some really good music in the list. I wanted to narrow it down to a top three though, and I wanted to take a different approach to that. Several of the people who offered advice on what to listen to were women, and I wanted to use that for the benefit of the Bro Council readers.

I, like many men, tend to rely on a standard mix of Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Van Halen, and many other artists that a lot of women just don't care about. In fact, as I'm writing this, "Alive" from Pearl Jam just came on my playlist. Bonus. Women can do many things better than men, but understanding the subtleties of Eddie Vedder's voice mixed with an awesome Mike McCready guitar solo is not one of them.

So what do you do with your music collection when you go on a date? Put the Alice In Chains CD's away and pick up some of the following music to listen to. Without further ado, I present the Top 3 Bands To Listen To On A Date (from the selection of 19 that we received tonight). Plus, thanks to a website called NoiseTrade.com you can download music from all of them for free. Sweet deal, right?

Andrew Belle

His music has been featured on TV shows like Grey's Anatomy, and CW's The Vampire Diaries and One Tree Hill. Right there it gives him cred with women. He sounds like a mix between Mat Kearney, John Mayer, and Coldplay and he's still manly enough for the guys too. It's good music, you'll seem like a sensitive guy, and you won't mind listening to it. Try this one out if you're dating an artsy girl.

You can get his EP "All Those Paper Lights" at Amazon for $4.45. Or his full length album "The Ladder" for $7.99. There's not much free stuff available, but I put a link to his sample album on NoiseTrade below, and you can download a single called "Sky's Still Blue" that was used in a Microsoft commercial for free here. Thanks, Microsoft.

Paper Route

Paper Route is another band that was featured on One Tree Hill (always a winner with the college girls). They sound a little bit like the Postal Service, so if you're dating a trendy hipster (ugh) then this might be the music for you. Need some info about them? Here you go: "Blending digital-age pop/rock with ambient electronics, the Nashville-based Paper Route had their start in the summer of 2004, when Chad Howat began staying up all night in his apartment while making music with a variety of instruments and programmed samples." Now you can sound informed when you talk to your hipster friends.

You can get their old EP on Amazon for under $3 or get their new album "The Peace of Wild Things" for free at NoiseTrade below.

Ben Rector

Ben Rector started making music in high school, but it was during his freshman year in college that he released a self-titled EP that featured the song “Conversation”, that won the Grand Prize in the pop category of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in 2006. He is the youngest person ever to win the award for that category. He makes some really good music, and it's still female-friendly. This would be the music I would recommend most on this list.

You can get his newest album at Amazon or a sampler from him for free at NoiseTrade below.

There you go, some new date music for you. Enjoy, guy's.


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