The Best Rap About Burgers You'll See All Day

The Best Rap About Burgers You'll See All Day

If you haven't ate at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries, you're missing out - and I implore that you go to lunch there. Today. They have my favorite fast food burgers this side of In-N-Out. Plus, there's no worrying about what to order: they have burgers and fries. That's it.

(In full disclosure they also have grilled cheese sandwiches, but really, who goes to 5 Guys to order grilled cheese? If you want good vegetarian food, Chipotle probably has something more your speed.)

If you haven't heard of Songify, it's an app for the iPhone that changes whatever you say or sing into a stylized rap song. I've belted out some songs that I thought were pretty great in the privacy of my own house before, but nothing like the ode to Five Guys you'll see in the video below. Nice work guys.

Try not to have that beat stuck in your head all day.

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