Japan Now Has Pepsi Flavored Cheetos

Japan Now Has Pepsi Flavored Cheetos

Some food items are meant to go together; pretzel buns and burgers, steak sandwiches and cheese wiz, Burger King and delivery. On the flip side, some things like Pizza Hut and perfume should not.

We're not sure which side of the fence Pepsi-flavored Cheetos falls on.

The Frito Lay Cheetos x Pepsi Shuwa Shuwa Cola Corn Snacks are a Japan exclusive flavor of Cheetos that are covered with a cola powder that actually fizzes. Kind of like Pop Rocks for the chip world. And according to the reviews we've read online, they have a strong citrus taste and smell like a flat Pepsi. Not exactly the most glowing description, but we still want to try them. Unfortunately, the only way to get them is by flying to Japan or ordering some off of eBay, although we're hoping one of the Walton siblings gets a taste of these and starts throwing them on Wal-Mart shelves soon.

Check out a dramatic review of the snack here which include gems like this:

These wouldn’t be in my top 100 dream flavor what-ifs, but I’m glad they exist. They either point to a futuristic flavor-fusion utopia in which anything is possible or an apocalyptic hell place where cyborg velociraptors chew our faces off with laser teeth.

Interesting, and oddly enough that makes us want to try them even more. Oh, and if you have any to send our way for our own review feel free to contact us. And yes, that counts for the Cola Chicken chips from China as well:

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