How To Make Your Own Bottoms-Up Beer Dispenser

How To Make Your Own Bottoms-Up Beer Dispenser

A few months ago we showed you the bottoms up beer dispenser that was being used in Major League Baseball parks around the country, but today we bring you more exciting news: now you can have your very own in your house or man cave.

The company that sells the cups for the machines had a brilliant business idea. "Bottoms Up Beer" realized that they couldn't afford to produce and distribute home units to consumers, so they decided to make a video that shows how easy it is to make your own. Then they sell you the cups and make their money. If there was a list of our favorite things here at Bro Council, entrepreneurship and good ideas would be high on the list. This concept is both.

Just look how easy this is to put together in the video below. I wonder if it can be adapted to work with bourbon? Off to the lab...

[Source - Bottoms Up]

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