How Hot Dogs Are Made (Subtitle: Gross)

How Hot Dogs Are Made (Subtitle: Gross)

We should get this out of the way first: a well cooked steak is one of the finest foods on this planet. Although we respect the fact that some people are against eating animal products, the vast majority of our staff does not fall in the category of vegan, vegetarian, or anything even close to that.

Plus, even lower quality meats can be great. Have you ever had a fried bologna sandwich? They're awesome. And hot dogs? I just bought a pack last week to make with some pierogies.

Unfortunately, I then stumbled upon this video of how hot dogs are made. And it's disgusting.

It's often times a wise choice to plead ignorance when it comes to finding out how your favorite foods are made. And this is another example of that. I just threw away my last 4 hot dogs from the pack in the fridge and I'm expecting a full two month recovery cycle before I'm able to eat another hot dog.

What was the marketing team thinking when they allowed the team from How It's Made on the Discovery Channel in the doors to film a feature on the hot dog making process? Check out the video below...if you dare.

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