Nobody Wants A Prius, Nobody


Just yesterday, I was walking to work when I realized that I had a car. I totally forgot about it. Apparently I had put it in a garage 5 years ago and have been walking ever since.

That situation never happened, because I don't drive a Prius. Miami-Dade County tried to start using the little Toyota that couldn't though, and it bought 300 of the vehicles between 2006 and 2007. You know what happened to them? Yep. They forgot about them, and later found them sitting in a warehouse.

This proves one thing: nobody truly wants to drive a Prius. Nobody.

Apparently, the former mayor, Carlos Alvarez, was a pretty shady character and this lines up with the reason he was removed from office: misappropriation of funds. Yes Carlos, 300 Prius' are a misappropriation of funds if I've ever seen one. Thanks to AutoBlog for breaking the news, and our apologies to the county workers that will now need to drive these "cars".

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