The Contest: Who Has The Best Food For Guys In Pittsburgh?

We realize that Bro Council is world wide, but we started in Pittsburgh. This year, we're going to find out who has the best man-food in Pittsburgh...maybe next year we'll come to your city. This year we are going to go to as many steak houses, restaurants, and diners to find out who makes the best food for guys in the Steel City.

Here's the layout:

  1. Each meal will be judged by two bro council representatives—a review will then be posted on BroCouncil.com after each dinner.
  2. Meals will be graded on Taste, the Service/Staff, the Atmosphere, and of course...the "manliness" of the meal — we want to see your take on “manly”.
  3. You pick the meal—it could be on your menu or something you make up. We want to see the best you have to offer.
  4. The panel of judges will meet to determine the best three restaurants of those judged.
  5. The top three restaurants will receive an autographed certificate to commemorate their win.
  6. The top three will also receive recognition on the BroCouncil.com website for the annual Bro Council awards.

The Judges


  • Ray Abel is the president of Bro Council, and is qualified to vote based on his love of steak, burgers, and any other kind of meat available. Points will be deducted from his score if there are any vegetarian meals.

  • Justin Hartwig is a nine year veteran of the NFL and the owner of a Super Bowl ring with the Pittsburgh Steelers. From his upbringing in the Midwest to his time in the NFL he has always been around good food.

  • Eric Anderson is a proud Cleveland Browns fan. We know that his dedication to judging good food is just as strong as his dedication to a football team like the Browns.

  • Pat Dininy is a car guru, former college football player, and the most controversial contributor to Bro Council. Pat is an expert on all things manly.

  • In the interest of fairness we decided to have a female judge on the panel. Meet Kristy Schuring. Since we wanted to have a woman on the panel we decided to pick one who’s favorite food is a good steak.

Ready To Enter?

 To enter your restaurant in the contest, please contact Ray Abel as soon as possible—spots will be limited.

Ray Abel

You can also download the brochure and full rules here: 2011 Bro Council Restaurant Challenge

 Restaurant Challenge Contestants

1st Chalenger - BRGR Cranberry
2nd Challenger - Quaker Steak And Lube
More To Be Announced Soon

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