We're Big In Sweden

This Email Recently Arrived at Bro Council Headquarters

Spreading the word to barbarian Scandinavia? Done! Not only did our friend sign on to become an ambassador, all we needed to give him in exchange was a company car, diplomatic immunity,  some snickers, and straight cash homie. Rachel just received an email from Sweden today too, so apparently we're catching on there. How does this affect you? We need more ambassadors here in the great USA.

How can you become an ambassador for Bro Council you ask? Good question - and here's some answers:

  1. Add us on Facebook and Twitter - when more people sign up, we look way more important.
  2. Promote Bro Council with flyers, wallpapers, and icons you can find on this page.
  3. Fly your Bro Flag wherever you can and send us the pictures.
  4. Talk it up! Tell people about Bro Council, spam your dad and brothers (and your sisters and mom too if you want), and post links and likes on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. If you like the content, think about supporting the site here - the website can't continue without your support.

Thank you to all of our readers in the US and abroad. You are Bro Council.

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Written By Ray


Ray is the founder of BC. As a shameless plug, he wants to remind you to check out his personal website and the Research the News podcast.

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