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Do you enjoy Bro Council? Do you want to give us a hand?If the answer is yes, please consider one of the following two ways of helping us out:

  1. Submit your ideas for something big we can do! My motto is to go big or go home, and I want to do something huge with Bro Council. If you have a great idea for us to work towards doing let us know. Interviews, Roommates episodes, something completely original, or whatever else you think would be great for the site. You are Bro Council, and we want to hear your ideas.
  2. We are ready to start recruiting sponsors for the site. The traffic is at a level where it would benefit a company that wants to partner with us, and we need the sponsorships to continue forward. If you know of anyone that would be willing to become a partner with us, please contact us.

I took a huge gamble when I launched the site, and so far it seems to be working out. Our articles are getting stronger each week, our local chapter re-launches this month, we have a new design that's easier to use, our podcast is up and running, and we even have 14 original episodes of Roommates up on our YouTube page. Plus there are a few more big things in the works. Fun fact: the latest episode "Baby Seals" took over six hours to film, and another three to edit. Good times!

We want to keep providing the best website on the internet, or as we like to call it "A website for respectable men that brings social networking off of the internet and into real life." We need your help to move to the next level. So contact us! Thanks in advance guys (and girls).

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Written By Ray


Ray is the founder of BC. As a shameless plug, he wants to remind you to check out his personal website and the Research the News podcast.

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