Thank You Veterans (And My Grandfather) For Your Service

Thank You Veterans (And My Grandfather)

Happy Veterans Day to all of our readers who served in the military, and all of the families that supported them! Just remember why we have the ability to enjoy the things that we do in this country: the veterans and current military members who have fought, and continue to fight, for our freedom everyday. Here are some statistics that you may not know:

  • Current active military personnel: 1,456,862
  • Current Reserve personnel: 1,458,500
  • Veterans living in the US as of 2010: 21.8 million
  • Total veterans of all US wars, including the war on terror: 43,320,735
  • Total military deaths: 1,196,127
  • Total non-mortal woundings: 1,474,689

That is a lot of people who were willing to sacrifice for what they believed in, so to them we say: thank you, veterans.

And that includes my grandfather. He served in the Marines for four years, and I just uncovered this pretty amazing picture of him while he was stationed at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Thanks, grandpap; for your service and for this picture.

Grandfather Marines

Source - US Department of Defense, My Grandfather's Garage

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