Brocathalon Pittsburgh: Only One More Day To Register!

The Brocathalon Pittsburgh is One Week Away - Register Today!

There are only 3 more days until the inaugural Pittsburgh Brocathalon! It's the one running event that will allow you to experience the best of a city in less than 5K. People from Pittsburgh, and around the country, will be able to participate in events that showcase what makes the city great. Plus, there is a post-race party hosted by Steelers Super Bowl Champion Justin Hartwig.

We have Mr. McFeely from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, the Pittsburgh Pirate Parrot, zombies from Hundred Acres Manor, chicken wings (on the course) from Buffalo Wild Wings, and more!

If you're signed up, get excited. And if you haven't? We only have room for 46 more people, so you should sign up.

As a treat for our readers, and as a tribute to Mr. McFeely, you can use the code "mailman" to save $5 off of your registration at - your fee includes the race, an awesome t-shirt, and access to the post-race party. Plus, all these challenges:

  1. Pothole Challenge - Run through an obstacle course of the best kind to start off the race. The Pittsburgh Pothole challenge will get you started right (or wrong)!
  2. Pop Art Painting - Let the spirit of Andy Warhol guide you, as you and a thousand other runners help to create a pop art masterpiece that will be auctioned off for charity.
  3. Speedy Delivery with Mr. McFeely - Welcome yourself to "the neighborhood" with a delivery of prizes from everyone's favorite mailman, Mr. McFeely!
  4. The Cheaters Course - If you don't like to run, this is the spot for you! Take a break, keep the bugs away with tiki torches, and sip a cool drink while you make the race shorter.
  5. Hundred Acres Manor Zombie Run - Did you know the zombie craze got started in Pittsburgh? Now you get to see some of Pittsburgh's best un-dead from Hundred Acres Manor as you run the trails.
  6. The Pirates Run - Run...with the Pirates.
  7. The Buffalo Wild Wings Challenge - Do you want mild or a mouth-on-fire hot mess? Down some authentic Buffalo Wild Wings for protein to finish off your run.
  8. The Dollar Bank Championship Drive - It's going to be an immaculate reception at the finish line, so finish strong with a crowd of champions cheering you on.

Pretty sweet right? Sign up today to join us!

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