Roommates 10th Episode Quiz


How well do you know your Roommates?

This week marked our 10th episode of Roommates, and it was our biggest episode yet. If you haven't checked it out, you can take a look at it here. You can also catch up on all the episodes so you can answer these quiz questions that Laura put together for you. Check it out! And click "read more" for questions 4-10...and the answers.

Episode 1.
What is Todd’s job?
a.    A vet tech
b.    A model
c.    A substitute teacher
d.    Nobody really knows

Episode 2.
What reoccurring line does Robbie say for the first time?
a.    Come on, man!
b.    Kids these days.
c.    Lunch or dinner, whichever you’d prefer.
d.    I spent all morning on it.

Episode 3.
What is the fake dog’s name?
a.    Scott
b.    Eric
c.    Marshall
d.    Butch


Episode 4.
What does Ray’s razor do?
a.    It burns
b.    It glides
c.    It skates
d.    It combusts spontaneously

Episode 5.
Why did Todd buy a gun?
a.    To scare Ray’s grandma
b.    For protection
c.    He thought it would make him look cool
d.    Video games are too violent

Episode 6.
Why does Todd finally sign the bill?
a.    Ray and Robbie threaten his dog
b.    Robbie is so strong
c.    Ray stomps on his head
d.    They have a rational conversation and come to the most logical conclusion.

Episode 7.
What was the final “pray” Todd admits to at the end of the episode?
a.    He slit Ray’s tires.
b.    He put nair in the shaving cream
c.    He ate all the Christmas cookies
d.    “Merry Balls” is in permanent marker

Episode 8.
What part made you laugh the loudest?
a.    When Todd is doing girlie push-ups
b.    When Todd leaves Ray hanging at the bench press
c.    When Ray gets hit with the exercise ball
d.    When Todd gets hit with the exercise ball

Episode 9.
Why does Todd call Ray back into the room?
a.    He wanted to shoot him
b.    He wanted to talk about orange juice
c.    He wanted him to shut the door
d.    He wanted a dance

Episode 10.
Where is Todd (sorry, “Optimus Prime”) taking his date?
a.    Dunkin’ Donuts
b.    Mighty Taco
c.    Ruby Tuesdays
d.    Applebee’s






1.    C or D
2.    A
3.    B
4.    B
5.    D
6.    B
7.    A
8.    Freebie! Any answer is correct!
9.    C
10.    D

Congrats on your 10th episode, Roommates!

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