Quick Hits: Macho Man, Bacon, Garbage, And Mangroomer

Quick Hits: Macho Man, Bacon, Garbage, And Mangroomer

Macho Man As A Cardinal

Did You Know? - We're sure you're aware that "Macho Man" Randy Savage passed away this year. This was sad news, but we found out something interesting. Did you know that in 1971 an 18-year-old Macho Man tried out with the St. Louis Cardinals and won a spot in the team's minor league farm system? He did, and even more impressive we learn this fact from WhiteSoxCards.com: "Randy suffered a setback when he developed a severe muscle tear and ligament separation in his throwing arm. Instead of retiring, this right-hander taught himself how to throw southpaw." Teaching yourself to throw with a different arm? Impressive. Thanks for all the memories Macho.

Calzone and Bacon

Bro Council Food Tip - If you like calzones but you like them plain don't let them take away any free toppings from you if they offer it at your restaurant of choice. I asked for the "free" bacon on the side at a local place this week, and they brought me out that awesome bowl of bacon you see above. And yes, I ate that entire bowl.

Garbage Pail Kids

Blast From The Past - Remember Garbage Pail Kids? The stickers/cards were one of my favorite things growing up, and now they're being re-released. Topps (of baseball card and bubble gum fame) has released the "Garbage Pail Kids Flashback" set. The coolest insert card? An autographed "Adam Bomb" card signed by the original painter of the Garbage Pail Kids cards. It's currently selling as a "Buy It Now" on eBay for around $3,000.


Ready for another Bro Council review? The people at Mangroomer.com just sent me samples of three of their products to try out. Look for those reviews next week. In the meantime, check out the picture of the "Essential Private Body Shaver" - I promise it won't be a video review.

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