Peebowing Contest

So a new craze is getting started over at and we want to help it along. So, we're running a contest here at Bro Council. The prize? An authentic, limited autograph card of the great Vernand Morency:


Yes, Vernand Morency. The man had over 700 career rushing yards, 4 career touchdowns, and was ranked #6 on the all-time draft busts of the Houston Texans...ballin'! Plus, his signature is a check-mark. Awesome.

How Do You Win?

Simple, just submit your Peebowing picture at and you're automatically entered.

Just make sure you use your real email address. We'll pick the best picture and send the card out next week. Get your Peebowing on, because the contest ends on Thursday, December 8th, at 11pm Eastern time.

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Written By Ray


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