Mustache Bash: Pictures And An Interview

Mustache Bash!

On Thursday night, the Italian-American Law Student Association (ITAM) at Pitt Law held a Mustache Bash in Pittsburgh to raise money for men's health issues. It was a night of hilarious debauchery for a great cause, complete with awards for "Creepiest 'Stache" that included a bag of lollipops for the winner. Ladies attended to judge the fantastic mustaches; before the event I sat down with event organizer Brandon Gatto.

Kristin: What's the Mustache Bash fundraising for?

Brandon: The purpose of the event is to raise awareness for men's health issues and related research. All proceeds go to Movember, which is the international organization that started this mustache movement.

Kristin: Why are mustaches so important to society?

Brandon: I think that a mustache can say a lot about a man. That he's patient, that he's dedicated, that he's confident enough to sport a look that hasn't been popular since the 1970s.

Kristin: If you had to pick one, what's more awesome, beards or mustaches?

Brandon: More awesome? It has to be the mustache, specifically because there's a certain level of care required to maintain them. Having been a grower of both beard and mustache, I can say with confidence that my two-week-old lip caterpillar has certainly evoked more saucy looks than the beard ever did.

Check out the slideshow and a video below!

If this video from TOMS and Movember doesn't get a man fired up to grow a 'stache, I don't know what will:

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