Memorial Day - Thank You For The Ultimate Sacrifice

Memorial Day - Thank You Veterans

Happy Memorial Day. This is not a post to make you feel guilty for enjoying your day off of work and your picnics. I know I will take full advantage of the pool, my Harley, and a picnic with friends on this beautiful day. Just remember why we have the ability to enjoy these things: the military members who have sacrificed their lives, and continue to sacrifice, for our freedom everyday. Here are some statistics that you may not know:

  • Current active military personnel: 1,456,862
  • Current Reserve personnel: 1,458,500
  • Veterans living in the US: 21.8 million
  • Total veterans of all US wars, including the war on terror: 43,320,735
  • Total military deaths: 1,196,127
  • Total non-mortal woundings: 1,474,689

That is a lot of people who were willing to sacrifice for what they believed in. Thank you, veterans.

[Source - US Department of Defense]

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