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Man Candle

Bacon, baseball, and sawdust...those are some manly smells. Oh, and so is roadkill and "fart". There's a company called "Man Candle" that is putting out some pretty awesome and unique smells - yes, even the Roadkill one sounds awesome. Just listen to the product info from two of my favorites:

candle-baseballEnjoy the scents of America’s pastime all year long with the Baseball candle from Original Man Candle. You don’t have to sit on the hot bleachers wearing a baseball glove to enjoy all baseball has to offer. Just turn on the game, grab you a beer and some peanuts, and light the Baseball candle and you will feel like you’re right behind home plate! The Baseball candle mixes the best aromas the ball park has to offer; fresh cut grass, leather, and a hint of beer. So go ahead and enjoy, just remember not to forget the seventh inning stretch!

candle-fartThe most infamous of all of our candles is our beloved Fart candle by Original Man Candle. This candle is guaranteed the most offensive candle you have ever smelled. Guys are always comparing there “aromas” to find the most pungent one and I am here to tell you we have the winner. Beware of this candle; it is not for the faint of heart.

So yeah, I know that Christmas is over so I'm going to throw this up on my list of things to buy in 2012. And really, what says "I Love You" better than the beloved Fart candle?

That's supposed to be rhetorical, but if you don't know...the answer is nothing says I Love You better. Check out the candles at - there's a lot more than we listed here. Oh, and let us know what you think if you buy some.

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