Luigi's Mustache Appears On NBC's The Voice


Last night, I was catching up on OnDemand videos of The Voice blind auditions and I came across something amazing. Twenty year-old Caitlin Michele Ford did an amazing rendition of "Cosmic Love," by Florence & the Machine, but I was mostly distracted by something truly amazing.

Jump to 1:02 in the video to see what I mean; the man standing backstage with Carson Daley (presumably Caitlin's boyfriend) has one of the truly greatest mustaches ever. All guys should aspire to that lovely face-full of curly fluffle. Thankfully Caitlin made it onto Team Adam so hopefully we'll get to see more of this epic 'stache in the future.

Do you see the resemblance to Mario's tall, skinny brother Luigi? If not, check out this mashup picture we made of the mustached Voice man and the little plumber who has saved countless princesses.


[Video courtesy of NBC's The Voice]

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