Happy 4th Of July - Go Take The Day Off

Happy 4th Of July - Go Take The Day Off

See the picture above? That's George Washington, the greatest patriot that ever lived. And we're pretty sure that if George Washington says something, you should do it.

Now, we're not sure if he really told people to take the day off on the Fourth of July, but we're going to listen to him anyway. We'll be back tomorrow with more of the news, sports, entertainment, and humor you love - but today? We're going to take a day off in honor of George Washington.

If you don't have any picnics to go to, don't fear. You can watch the film The Crossing below. It's about George Washington's crossing of the Delaware River and the Battle of Trenton. Even though it stars Jeff Daniels as George Washington, it's still pretty good.

Enjoy your holiday, and give a little thanks to our founding fathers for their work in giving us a free country while you're out having fun today.

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