Furballs - No Shave November Charities

Furballs - No Shave November

Here at Bro Council, we love facial hair. I say "we" collectively, both because I can't grow facial hair (thankfully) and because I've never honestly been a huge fan of the face fuzz. However, it is officially November 1st, which means it's No Shave November. I always thought it was pretty ridiculous and makes every guy I know look like a homeless hippie by Thanksgiving, but I recently learned that there are organizations all over the world that are using No Shave November to do seriously awesome things. So, while you're bearding up, you can use your awesome 'staches and beards for some great causes:

1. Movember USA -  Grow your beard (or support a guy who does) and raise awareness and action for men's health issues, like prostate cancer.

2. Mustachio Bashio - Grow a 'stache, go to a party, and raise money for juvenile diabetes research.

3. American Mustache Institute - Based in St. Louis and Chicago (and run by two of my former bosses) the AMI throws huge parties and events to raise money for LIVESTRONG and Prostate Cancer Foundation.

4. Beard-A-Thon: the Pittsburgh Penguins' Beard-A-Thon supports the Children Home of Pittsburgh, the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Center, the Mario Lemieux Centers for Patient Care at UPMC, and Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh to support a variety of patient care, cancer research, blood disease research and family centers in the city.

5. Grow a Beard, Free A Slave: Started by Jon Lash, they help the Dailit children of India through beard sponsorship, providing schoolbooks, health care and food.

(Editor's Note: I know all women aren't fans of beards, but remember this the next time you see a man with a monster beard, ladies. He's probably a good-hearted, charitable guy you should date. Or a biker. Or both.)

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