Bro Council Podcast: The Bachelor Expert

Bro Council Podcast: The Bachelor Expert

Episode 07 of the Bro Council podcast is here! In this week's episode we talk with our special guest, Ashley Elgin, about the Bachelorette.

Ashley is has watched the Bachelor since it premiered in 2002, and has not missed a season. Ashley wants to contribute her love for the show, to a blog, to share with the fans. Our very own Matt Truck watches the show with his wife and writes our Man Points column on both The Bachelor and Bachelorette. In this podcast, the two of them discuss:

Ray is also on the podcast this week. He does the introduction, makes fun of Matt a few times, and allows the experts do the talking. Enjoy!

Today's Hosts:

  • Matt Truck - Bro Council Writer
  • Ashley Elgin - The Bachelor Expert
  • Ray Abel - Bro Council President

Today's Topics:

  • Why the franchises aren't just for women
  • They review the season to-date
  • The phenomenon of the group date
  • They ask the question "if you had to change one thing about the show, what is it?"
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Written By Ray


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