Bro Council On Deadspin. Again.


Deadspin is the 800th most popular site online in the US, and considering that everyone and their moms have a blog that's a pretty awesome ranking. Oh, and for those wondering, Bro Council just passed Google for 1st place according to our "internal" numbers.

On a serious note, we love Deadspin and yesterday marked the third time we were on the homepage of the site. Our very own "meme" Peebowing was the first time we were featured, and our Hines Ward spoof article was the second. Now, we were linked to again as WPXI made another error, just like they did in announcing that Hines Ward signed with the Ravens based on our spoof. This time, they asked their audience in our hometown of Pittsburgh how long "Hines Ward" would be back on the ice for. Obviously, they meant Sidney Crosby, but once again they failed. I'm sorry WPXI. You need to get some better copy editors. If you want, we'll give you Pat.

Check out the screenshot below:

wpxi bro council

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