Bengals Fan With Beer Beard Is A Former Beard Of The Month

Bengals Fan With Beer Beard Is A Former Beard Of The Month

Our Beard of the Month section on Bro Council has become a very popular monthly article on the site, but it all started with humble beginnings. Our first article wasn't very in-depth and didn't have many hits, but now we get tens of thousands of readers every month on our face-fur celebrations. Everything new needs a trailblazer, and ours was Garey "Misled Cincinnati" Faulkner - our first ever Beard of the Month.

Now, Garey is getting some massive press of his own thanks to his Beerd (it's a combination of a beard and a 6-pack of beer). Garey was at Bengals training camp recently and the picture you see above of him and Andy Dalton has officially gone viral. You can check out his beard on sites like:

Congrats to Garey, and feel free to check out his Facebook fan page here.

Bengals Beer Beard (or Beerd) Meets Andy Dalton

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