Dr. Paul Roof - Jenny's Beard Of The Month - September 2014

Dr. Paul Roof - Jenny's Beard Of The Month - September 2014

Beard Of The Month - September 2014 - Dr. Paul Roof

Meet Mr. September! Here is Dr. Paul Roof, founder of the Holy City Beard and Moustache Society. Paul and his facial follicles reside in Charleston, South Carolina with his family. He was recently at the center of controversy when he was fired from Charleston Southern University after his image was unknowingly used on a beer can of Holy City Brewing. Between the news and social media, a storm had brewed and there was an uproar of support for Paul from people all over the world who thought he was wronged. However, despite all of the adversity, Paul has now landed his feet in a new sociology position teaching at the College of Charleston. When Paul and his infamous beard are not working, they enjoy listening to music and spending time with family and friends.

Keep reading to learn more about Brocouncil.com's Beard of the Month and his infamous facial hair!

Dr. Paul RoofName: Dr. Paul Roof

Age: 42

How long have you been growing your beard?: I last shaved 10 years ago August 10th, 2004 & vowed never to shave again.  I had various facial hair styles prior to then since I could grow around the age of 20.

Why are you growing your beard?: I just see it as a natural extension of who I am & who I am suppose to be.

Have you won or placed in any competitions?: Yes, I started competing in 2008 & mostly have won in freestyle including Miami, Philly, Fredricksburg, Richmond, New Orleans.  I have competed in the last three World Championships Alaska 2009, Norway 2011 & Germany 2013.  I guess in the community prior to my New Orleans freestyle look I was most known for doing the Liberty Bell Beard in Philly 2012 which was on Whisker Wars.  I think I have traveled to compete in contest & attend pub nights in about 17 states.

How did you find out about the bearding community?:  Like many folks, when growing your beard longer you do searches on the internet.....I believe in 2005-2006 I discovered beards.org & two great discussion boards beardcommunity.com & jeffsbeardboard.com.

Do you belong to any beard club?: Yes I am the founder & commander of the Holy City Beard & Moustache Society in Charleston, South Carolina.

Is shaving anywhere in your future?: Never.

What is the best compliment your beard has received?: I taught American Popular Culture in China in the summer of 2011 & my students gave me the Chinese name that meant "White Cloud Beard" after an ancient Chinese emperor.

What have you gained from the bearding community?: The community gives back & the greatness of fraternity & an all around great set of folks.

I should also definitely mention how when I lost my job for being on the beer can, the bearding community rallied around me like no other & made a huge impact on my life & I am forever grateful.

Are there any competitions that we can find you at in the near future?: I will be judging the Universe Championships in Atlantic City in November!

If you could give any advice to a group of people, what would it be?: Don't sit on the sidelines, get involved.

Congratulations, Dr. Paul Roof!

Congratulations to Dr. Roof, our September 2014 Beard Of The Month! If you are interested in throwing your own beard in the ring, contact us here. You can check out our other Beards of the Month here.

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