Jenny's Beard Of The Month - Myk O'Connor - December 2013

Jenny's Beard Of The Month - Myk O'Connor - December 2013

Beard Of The Month - December 2013 - Myk O'Connor

Whether it's your own beard, or your significant other's, everyone is being kept warm this Winter by fabulous facial hair! To close out this year, we have one of the stars of the IFC show Whisker Wars, Myk O'Connor! We couldn't think of a better Mr. December! Myk is the former president of the Gotham City Beard Alliance and current member of the Austin Facial Hair Club. He resides in Texas now with his wife, Karolina and their daughter. Myk made quite the statement to his love when he proposed to her on stage during a New York Beard and Moustache Competition! Keep reading to learn about Myk and his incredible beard!

Lets' take a look at this month's beard!

Myk O'Connor and His Wife

Name: Myk O'Connor

Age: 30

You have become a celebrity in the bearding world since starring in the IFC show Whisker Wars, what was the best part of that experience?: I don't really consider myself a celebrity but it is something cool to look back on. I met a ton of new people and got to travel to many new places. The best part was spending that time with my wife and travelling around with her.

How long have you been growing your beard?: 5 years in January.

Why are you growing your beard?: I got so sick of shaving like most people. I had facial hair at various stages of my life and always ended up shaving it. The last straw was when I went for a job interview with the company I was with. I shaved clean, cut my hair and went in guns blazing. I didn't get the job and decided that wasn't worth it. Haven't looked back since.

Have you won or placed in any competitions?: I have won every Coney Island comp I entered. Took first in Austin in 2012 and have placed numerous times. My biggest accomplishment was taking 3rd in the German International competition. My wife was cheering so hard I thought she was going to give birth right there (she was almost 8 months pregnant).

How did you find out about the bearding community?: A friend of mine told me about it one night at a party. This was right after I shaved for that job interview. He told me to look into it and of course I couldn't resist. Next thing I knew I booked travel to Alaska in 2009 for the World beard competition. That is also when I met my wife!!

Do you belong to any beard club?: Currently I belong to the Austin Facial Hair Club. I used to be president of the Gotham city beard alliance in NYC.

Is shaving anywhere in your future(I hope not!)?: Most likely not. Trim? Maybe. I don't really have plans to take it all off though. Plus, it would freak out my daughter. I don't want to pay for therapy.

What is the best compliment your beard has received?: Don't know if a compliment but a lot of ladies ask if it interferes with sex life...nope it's like a thousand French ticklers.

What have you gained from the bearding community?: Awesome friendships and a whole lot of open doors. Anything you need or need help with, people are there for you!

Are there any competitions that we can find you at in the near future?: I haven't competed in over a year. Since moving, financial funds have become light so I've been out of the scene for a bit. This Feb the AFHC will be hosting the comp in Austin. I'll be a sponsor through my job with Founders brewing but most likely will not be competing.

If you could give any advice to a group of people, what would it be?: Always be yourself. No matter what anyone says. If you like putting needles through your body like a human pin cushion, then be the best human pin cushion you can be. Don't ever give up if you truly want something out of life. Work hard, play hard and tell those close to you that you love them.

Congratulations Myk O'Connor!

Congratulations to Myk, our December 2013 Beard Of The Month! If you are interested in throwing your own beard in the ring, contact us here. Thanks to juliustheceasar for the drawing. You can check out our other Beards of the Month here.

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