Bryan Nelson - Jenny's Beard Of The Month

Bryan Nelson - Jenny's Beard Of The Month

Beard Of The Month - March 2014 - Bryan Nelson

Spring is starting to make it's debut and many saw our March Beard of the Month make his debut on the IFC show Whisker Wars! Meet Mr. March, Bryan Nelson! He is the president and co-founder of the Austin Facial Hair Club. Bryan and his beard return home each day to a lovely, supportive wife, Andrea, their 2 daughters, Olympia Magnificence (4) and Apollonia Revolution (2),and 2 dogs, 2 cats, 6 hens, and 1 rabbit.

Bryan spends his days as a recording engineer and has done so since 1995. He has felt beyond lucky to have worked with so many amazing bands from all around the world including The Riverboat Gamblers, Peelander-Z and many more. Mr. March also works as a tour/production manager for Japanese bands touring the United States like B'z, Tsushimamire, Bleach, and more. Bryan plays bass, and is currently playing baritone guitar in a heavy-groove-math band called OMGWTFBBQ, and drums in the Texas version of The Bee Caves. In his free time you can find him skateboarding all over, eating Japanese curry, listening to Soundgarden.

Thanks for being Mr. March Bryan Nelson! Keep bearding!

Bryan NelsonName: Bryan Nelson

Age: 41

How long have you been growing your beard?: I shaved about 8 years ago, but I have been growing facial hair as long as have been able.

Why are you growing your beard?: Because shaving sucks! Why deny something that is constantly growing out of your face? It seems so natural to me, like breathing air. I have so many friends who could grow amazing beards that don’t (or won’t). I know 45 year old guys that have never grown their beard out for more than 2 weeks, it boggles the mind. They have never seen their true face! I guess the same thing can be said for guys growing the hair on their head out too, but most guys that can grow hair on their head do it to some extent.

Have you ever been to a beard competition?: A few ha ha. It is weird, I judged a few beard competitions before I ever entered any. A beard competition is like a wet t-shirt contest, not that I have been to many wet T-shirt contests, but the ones I have experienced were just exhibitionist parties where it didn’t really matter who won. At a beard competition people get to see many sizes, shapes, colors, and styles of beards, and that is the allure of the competition. The variety that comes out of the woodwork. The personalities, the camaraderie, the weird secret family that the rest of your friends don’t understand, it’s all there. People that take these sorts of gatherings super seriously and competitively are missing the point.

Do you belong to any beard club?: I'm the president and co-founder of the Austin Facial Hair Club.

Is shaving anywhere in your future?: Not that I can see. Maybe when I am dead my wife can have an open casket ceremony where I am shaved. I am going to be dead and will look weird anyway. But I don’t want to be buried in a coffin or casket, I’d rather go right into the soil to help something else grow.

What is the best compliment your beard has received?: Once in LAX an older woman walked right up to me, stopped, looked at my beard up and down and said “Good for you”, and then walked off. Is that a compliment.

If you could give any advice to a group of people, what would it be?: Life is short and unpredictable, so live each day like you mean it. Have fun and surround yourself with love. Follow your heart’s happiness and it will guide you. Believe in yourself and you will never fall!!!

Congratulations, Bryan Nelson

Congratulations to Bryan, our March 2014 Beard Of The Month! If you are interested in throwing your own beard in the ring, contact us here. You can check out our other Beards of the Month here.

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