Beardimus Maximus - Jenny's Beard Of The Month - July 2014

Beardimus Maximus - Jenny's Beard Of The Month - July 2014

Beard Of The Month - July 2014 - Beardimus Maximus

It's been a sweltering summer so bless the bearded boys for staying true and not giving in to the temptation of shaving!

Meet Mr. July 2014, Taylor a.k.a Beardimus Maximus! He may look familiar if you tuned into True Life on MTV where he went head to head with people around him who didn't agree with his bearded lifestyle. Taylor and his beard prevailed and we are certainly glad they did! You can find him living in Fredericksburg, VA where he owns a company called Care Beards which organizes events and fund-raisers. Taylor enjoys hanging with his friends and family, traveling, and is a big rock music fan.

Keep reading to learn more about Beardimus Maximus!

Beardimus MaximusName: Beardimus Maximus

Age: 32

How long have you been growing your beard?: A year and a half.

Why are you growing your beard?: To raise money for kids and to help stop facial hair discrimination.

Have you won or placed in any competitions?: Unfortunately, I have never placed in the top 3 in any competition. There are all kinds of great facial hair out there that kick my ass!

How did you find out about the bearding community?:  Just interacting with people online about facial hair, and then I started a Facebook page to help me save my beard against my ex-wife. So lots of people supported.. helped.. and welcomed me in the beard community from that page alone!

Do you belong to any beard club?: Yes 2. NOVA and FXBC.

Is shaving anywhere in your future?: NOPE! Love my beard too much!! Its a Flavor Savor! Lost a wife because of a beard!

What is the best compliment your beard has received?: You look like OTTO! (He's the golf caddy in Happy Gilmore) I find that's a huge compliment!! Love that guy!

What have you gained from the bearding community?: I have met some really great people in the beard community! It feels like a one big family worldwide! I know I will be friends with many people in the beard community for the rest of my life! Oh, and there are beard groupies out there...

Are there any competitions that we can find you at in the near future?:Yes I run a Beard Competition Aug. 9th Called "Love for the Beard" in Fredericksburg Virginia. Last year we raised over 30 thousand dollars for 2 children's organizations in one day, and we are looking to beat that number this year!

If you could give any advice to a group of people, what would it be?: Enjoy life to the fullest...and don't judge a book by its cover!


Congratulations, Beardimus Maximus!

Congratulations to Beardimus (Taylor), our July 2014 Beard Of The Month! If you are interested in throwing your own beard in the ring, contact us here. You can check out our other Beards of the Month here.

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