A Very Merry (Bro) Christmas

A Very Merry (Bro) Christmas

Five Awesome Gifts For Men This Christmas:

  1. A gigantic remote control inflatable flying shark. Why? Because you can. Gifts.com
  2. GeekSoap: they have soap shaped like old-school NES cartridges and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Just watch where you put that Donatello.  Geeksoap.net
  3. An MLB waffle maker. It’s the most exciting thing about baseball, especially if you live in Pittsburgh. FansEdge.com
  4. Whose Christmas tree could be complete with a Darth Vader tree topper? Amazon.com
  5. Mr. Beer home-brewing kits: MrBeer.com (you could also get him this sign to go along with it: TheMensGiftGuide.com)


Five Things You Really Shouldn’t Give:

  1. You can call it a “ninja star awesome explosion recorder” if you want, but a diary is still a diary. Gifts.com
  2. Nothing says “I’m a serial killer” like buying someone a decapitated bear. Suck.Uk.Com
  3. A super-creepy taxidermied neon fish belt. Not only is it $180, it’s also completely terrifying. RobinCharlotte.com
  4. Ed Hardy Wine - For the Jersey Shore toolbag who can’t just wear Ed Hardy and smell like Ed Hardy, he needs to drink Ed Hardy too. Ed Hardy Wines
  5. A Scottish Shaving Kilt. That’s not a typo meant to say “shaving kit,” it’s truly a k-i-l-t that you wear while you shave. I’m not exactly sure which part you’re supposed to shave while wearing it, apparently men in Scotland like to have the ability to move and bend freely while shaving their faces? TerribleChristmasGifts.com

(Note: Pat suggested I Include a life-size wall-cut-out of Ray on the "worst gift" list, but for some reason FatHead.com hasn't recognized the Bro Council staff as celebrities worthy enough of having our own Fat Heads yet...Maybe next year.)

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Kristin is a law school graduate, former college swimmer, and in a past job, worked on the launch of KFC's Double Down. You're welcome, America.