A Site Update

Hey everyone, Ray here. I just wanted to let you know that we are hard at work on a few upgrades which should enable Bro Council to be able to handle the growth that it's been seeing. Over the course of this week, I have been working day and night (literally, it's 4:30am right now) to update the sites design, software, and user experience. It's taken a lot of time away from the normal article writing, but thankfully the Bro Council staff has picked up the writing this week and we haven't been at a loss for articles.

If all goes according to plan, we should be set to launch the new upgrades by Monday. If anything happens and you can't log in or access the site, just know that we'll be back up soon.

Thanks for all of your support and your readership! Bro Council is growing, and it's thanks to you....You Are, Bro Council.

 I don't have any article headers for an update like this, so instead I wanted to share this picture with you since I thought it was funny. It's from despair.com - a website which was sent in by one of our loyal readers.


Man, it's a good thing we're a website and not a blog.

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