Ask A Woman: Working At Bro Council


Hi Rachel,

I used to work with Ray and I want to know what it's likefor you to work with him and the rest of the crew at "Bro Council HQ".

Is there a glass ceiling for women there?  Do you guys really have platinum covered toilets?  Can you help me to understand?

Thank you,

rachel-aawDear Matt,

While I telecommute from my luxury office in scenic northern Vermont, I am more than happy to clear things up for you regarding Bro Council HQ. I'm just going to go ahead and assume you watch the Superbowl...I mean, you are reading this site, right?

Allow me to set the scene a bit for you:

It's February 1st, 2009. Jennifer Hudson is warming up her vocal chords, Bruce Springsteen is getting ready to prove to the world he's still the Boss, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are gearing up to crush (or...just barely hang on to enough of a lead against a strong 4th quarter offensive drive by...) the Arizona Cardinals. Ok, now that you're in memory mode, remember that Cash4Gold commercial starring MC Hammer and Ed McMahon?

That gold medallion of MC Hammer wearing a gold medallion? A gift bestowed upon him by the National Bro Council Office. Those gold golf clubs? Ray has a set in the corner behind his desk, which he sometimes polishes during business meetings, or when he's feeling particularly lost in thought. And the toilets, you ask?  Well...maybe you should just watch the video.

Blingtastically yours,


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