Ask A Woman: Do You Wear Revealing Clothes To Fit In A Man's World?

Ask A Woman - Do You Wear Revealing Clothes To Fit In A Man's World?

Do women wear revealing clothes as an attempt to fit into a mans world or bcoz u like it? If it's bcoz you like it, what is it that you like exactly?


emily-aawEmily's Take: Well, It certainly isn't because revealing clothes are comfortable! And the shoes that usually go with them are a whole other story about pain.

The truth is, women wear clothes that make them feel good about themselves. Clothes and make-up are tools that help to build our confidence because they have the power to influence our impression of ourselves. Wearing glasses can make us feel smarter, wearing a suit and heels to work can make us feel more focused.

For some women, their self-esteem is low and they think that the only way to find a boyfriend is to catch his eye at the bar while wearing something two sizes too small in all the right places. We’ve all seen those women at the bar but those clothes make her feel good and she rocks that look. You can see her confidence as she walks across the room or stops to talk to someone. She feels good about herself.

Other women hate wearing dresses of any kind. They are most confident while wearing their favorite pair of jeans. Dress-hating women would feel uncomfortable in a bridesmaid dress, while wearing a beach cover-up, etc. Just like the confident woman in a bar, you can spot a woman in clothes they think are uncomfortable. You can spot confidence in a woman, but you can also spot women who are self-conscious. In their mind, they think that they look terrible and feel like others are judging them for it. It shows in their body language and attitude when they talk to other people.

Each woman is different when it comes to what clothes will make her feel confident in various social situations. Most of us will wear what is expected, even if it makes us uncomfortable. That dress-hating woman will put her bridesmaid dress on and smile for the cameras, but, if given a choice, women will choose clothes that make them feel good about themselves.

jenny-aawJenny's Take: Women wear something to feel a certain way; be it comfortable, sexy, beautiful etc. They never do it to "fit into a man's world". If woman wears something revealing it's because they feel sexy and the bonus is that you are going to buy her drinks all night! ;-)

Good luck Ramesh...and be sure to ask your own question to our panel of women here!

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