Ask A Woman: How Long Should I Wait To Call After A Date?

Ask A Woman: How Long Should I Wait To Call After A Date?

How much time should I wait to call a girl back after a first date? Should I play it cool and wait 3 or 4 days or just call her and risk being over-eager?

-Rich G.

EmilyEmily's Take: How did the date go?

If it went really well and you two talked about doing other things in the future, then by all means call her when you want. I've never seen it as "over eager" if a guy calls me the day after our date - and before I go any farther - bonus points to you for wanting to call her instead of texting!

If you're having a good time and you want to go out again, call her. If you attempt to wait too many days, her weekend might already fill up and you'll have to wait even longer for the next date. Now that fall is coming, my weekends are filling up pretty fast. I tell you this because I don't want you to get discouraged if she can't see you again right away, it doesn't necessarily mean that she's isn't into you.

Good luck Rich...and be sure to ask your own question to our panel of women here!

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