Peyton Manning Pranks Wes Welker

Peyton Manning's Pro Bowl Prank on Wes Welker

We're about to show you the best 32 seconds of the NFL Pro Bowl that was ever filmed. In all fairness, there wasn't that much competition. We all know the Pro Bowl is an avenue for the NFL to scrape a few extra dollars out of our pockets, and the players don't take it seriously.

The bright side of that sad reality is that players like Peyton Manning can be relaxed and prank their teammates instead of focusing on "winning" or "trying hard." So take a look at this short clip and check out Manning's Pro Bowl prank on the New England Patriot's Wes Welker.

And to be clear: we did not film this. This was the best clip we could find online, and apparently the camera guy likes 'artistic' angled shots.

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