Baseball Mascots: Bull Durham (Plus A Smoking Ad)

Baseball Mascots: Bull Durham (Plus A Smoking Ad)

Last week we brought you the racing Solo Cups of Ole Miss as our Mascot of the week. And now, it's already been topped. Minor league baseball does it again with their outstanding promotions. The Durham Bulls are celebrating the 25 year anniversary of the hit movie that put them on the map, so they brought out the Crash, Nuke, and Annie racing mascots.

Unfortunately Kevin Costner, Tim Robbins, and Susan Sarandon weren't there, but they did the mascots did look strikingly similar right down to Robbins giant head.

Annie won the first race, but the real winners are the anti-smoking crusaders who have the potential for a great new ad because of the awkwardly positioned mesh that allows the mascot operators to see.

We created a mockup - what do you think?

Durham Bulls Anti Smoking Ad

And here's the video of the race for those of you who are interested.

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