Terrell Owens Gets A GoDaddy Tattoo

Terrell Owens GoDaddy Tattoo

Terrell Owens has two homes in Dallas in foreclosure and, according to a January GQ article, he is behind on his $45,000 per month child support payments. Although the outspoken receiver was just released from a contract with the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League, he reportedly only made a maximum of $500,000 with the team. That won't even cover one year of child support payments if the GQ article is correct. So, TO stepped up to the plate and got a tattoo that pays. Yes, GoDaddy.com is the proud new sponsor of Terrell Owens' neck.

Owens was signing autographs at an Indoor Football League event when a fan noticed the new ink on his neck. When she asked him what it was, he mumbled something about it being "a horrible mistake like my time with the Bills." When the rest of the fans started asking questions, Terrell sprinted to a team facility, proving that he still has some life left in his legs.

The six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver is giving it a go in Arena Football after 15 seasons in the NFL. His contract with the Cincinnati Bengals was not renewed for 2011 and he couldn't find another NFL team willing to sign him. We reached out to his publicist, Jennifer Jenny, who said Owens was going to make some big announcements soon about new sponsorship deals he has signed. "T-O is more than a man, he's a brand," said Jenny, "and now he gets the chance to merge his brands with other brands with branding. Terrell is almost as fast as a NASCAR race car, and now he's going to look as cool as one too."

No word on whether or not the upcoming "branding" will be using actual cattle branders.

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