Heavy Weapons Made With LEGO's - AK-47 And More

Heavy Weapons Made With LEGO's - AK-47 And More

Is there anything that LEGO's can't do? Now anyone of us with boat loads of LEGO's and a few special order parts can make working models of guns like the AK-47 that any Call of Duty player would recognize. Yes, they work, but no, they don't shoot bullets - they shoot LEGO pieces!

Even better.

Excuse me while I fill out an expense request to "Capt. Boring" (aka Ray), for this book and a boat load of LEGO's to start planning my office ambush. Lucky for me, my office window overlooks the parking lot. Anyone want to bring Ray to work in a convertible? Back and to the left... back and to the left...

Check out a video of the weapons in action below, and then click here to buy LEGO Heavy Weapons and create your own.

(Link - LEGO Heavy Weapons)

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