Back To The Future Hoverboard Up For Pre-Order


Are you like me and have been waiting for Mattel to make a real Hoverboard since 1989 when Back to the Future 2 was released? If the answer is yes, here is some (almost) amazing news for you: the Mattel Hoverboard is now available for pre-order.

It's only "almost" amazing since it won't actually float. Although the 28" by 8" Hoverboard does have special pads that let you glide across your kitchen floor, school gym, or local Wal-Mart. Plus, the board also makes "whooshing" sounds, sampled directly from the films and the decoration features Mattel logos just like in the films.


It's not as cheap as I would have liked, but hey...this is a toy from the future. So for only $120 plus shipping you can have your own little piece of the future. Plus, it's a lot cheaper than the $22,500 that a prop Hoverboard from the movie would set you back.

Bonus: If you order yours before March 20, you will also receive a 6-inch scale model for your Mattel action figures. Check out the ordering link below at Matty Collector:

[Pre-order It Here -]

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