The Mullet Hunter: Kenny Powers - Episode 2

In Search Of A Kenny Powers Mullet

Crikey's! It's time for another episode of The Mullet Hunter. Tron is Bro Council's very own hunter of rare and mythical haircuts you don't always see in the wild. Today, he sent us a video of a rare "Kenny Powers Mullet" that he spotted at a Tampa Bay Rays game.

If you don't know who Kenny powers is, here is his bio from Wikipedia:

Kenny Powers is the fictional main character from the HBO television series Eastbound & Down, played by American actor Danny McBride. Powers is portrayed as a once dominant baseball pitcher, whose poor work ethic and short temper jeopardized his professional career. In season one, Powers becomes a substitute physical education teacher who is attempting to make a return to Major League Baseball.

The more important part is that he looks like this:

Kenny Powers Skiing

Awesome mullet, and nice work Tron! Check out today's episode below, and the first episode here:

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