Bagel Heads? It's A Horrible Trend


As you may know from reading some of my articles, I am a tattoo fan. I'm not big on body piercings but hey, if that's your thing - great, I won't judge. But if I ever see one of you dear Bro Council readers with this piece of body jewelry, I will heckle you to no end. And I might even smack you in the forehead with a tennis racket. Sorry, I'm not sorry about feeling that way, but I'm sure you'll feel the same way so I'm comfortable saying that.

The new trend that is now becoming big in Japan? Bagel heads. Yup, people in the Land of the Rising Sun are now getting saline injected into their foreheads in a two hour process that last 1-2 days. In the process, a needle is inserted into the skin, and a saline drip is used until the skin is round and puffy. After that, the "bagel injector" (that's a brand new term I just coined) puts his thumb in the center of the goo and turns it into the shape of a bagel.

Remember, if I see you with this: tennis racket to the head. Please, do not let this trend catch on here. Remember when Japan brought us Pokemon, Datsun's, and Tamagotchi's? Yeah, this is even worse.

Check out the video below if you feel like it:

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