Pizza Hut Perfume Is Really Expensive

Pizza Hut Perfume Is Really Expensive

A little while ago we told you about the Pizza Hut perfume that their parent company Yum! Brands was releasing. What we didn't tell you was the expected resale value of said perfume. If we would have known that it would be selling on eBay for up to $465 then we would have bought a few bottles for ourselves.

According to several of the eBay sellers, the Pizza Hut perfume was a limited edition that you could win on a Facebook challenge for Pizza Hut Canada. Only 100 were distributed, and each bottle comes with a congratulation letter.

We were thinking about picking up a bottle off of eBay to test it out for you, but they're all sold out. If you are one of the people who bought these and want to write a review for us, send us an email.

Although $465 may seem a bit steep, the box that the perfume came in almost makes the prices worthwhile. Almost.

Pizza Hut Perfume Box

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